Selkirk Cemetery

The location of this cemetery is the northeast corner of the northwest quarter of section 20-18-38.

In searching the records I found in Volume 8, page 575, that Caroline Seybert by quitclaim deed gave all of Blocks 4 and 13 in Seybert’s Addition in the town of Tuell, Wichita County, Kansas, to the Methodist Episcopal Church as a donation except for five dollars, which the church gave her.

Then in Volume 35, page 38, we found that the Methodist Episcopal Church, with no money involved, conveyed all of Block 4 to the trustees of Selkirk Community Church. This instrument, signed on August 2, 1940, by R. l. George, President of the Methodist Episcopal Church and the trustees, then deeded it to Wichita County.

Eight known graves are in the cemetery. The first to be buried was N. J. Ellis, born February 6, 1856, and died January 13, 1888. This was during the time when this church was a Presbyterian Church, served by a preacher from Syracuse, Kansas, who preached at both Tuell and Carwood. Emerson A. Niswonger’s father and grandmother were buried in the cemetery; their bodies were later moved to Atwood, Kansas.

Courtesy of ‘History of Wichita County Kansas – Volume 1’. Compiled by John K. Glanville.

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