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Vol. 2 Wichita County History Books - $80.00

•Adult T-shirts of Historic 36 Star Flag sizes S,   M, L, XL & 2XL - $20.00

•DVD of 36 Star Flag Restoration. Historic Flag was Preserved and restored by an accredited Textile Conservator in  Denver, Colorado -  $20.00

•Historic 36 Star Medallion - $10.00

•DVD of moving of the Depot from Selkirk to Leoti - $20,00

•Wichita County Community Directories - on Sale for $2.00

•Down the Treasure Trail book by Clyde Blackburn - $7.50

•DVD of the historic collections in the Washintgon Ames House Museum - $20.00    


Cowboy War in Kansas - Feb. 1887
•Limited Edition of 500 Prints of Lawmen at Coronado Bank at the time of County Seat Fight, Feb. 27, 1887 Numbers  2 to 10 - $750.00;  11 to 100 - $500.00;  101 to 250 -  $350; 251 to 400 - $250.00;  401 to 500 - $150.00.   
•Post Cards of Lawmen at time of County Seat Fight (Fitc 5"X7" frame.- $3.00  
•Large Poster (18 X 24) of Lawmen with stories & newspaper articles of the County Seat Fight.   Printed on both sides, can be framed.     $20.00 each.


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But the Blood” A novel based on actual documented facts about Wichita County’s County Seat Fight between, Leoti and Coronado, by Stephen Morefield.

Leoti City vs. Coronado

Politics, The Press, Voter Fraud, and Shell Corporations.

Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Doc Holiday, and Wild West Gunmen.

Hatred, Lies, and Murder.

 American’s bloodiest county seat battle happened in Wichita County, Kansas in 1887 as two fledgling towns raced for a winner-takes-all election. Told through the eyes of competing newspaper editors, But The Blood reveals that there are always two sides to every story. But who was really in the right? How far would each side go to win? And, in the end, what would victory cost?

Hard cover book $17.99

Soft cover book coming soon

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