The Lydia Methodist Cemetery is located in the southeast quarter of section 36-20-36 here in the county on what was formerly state school land purchased by Edon German Methodist Church from the county treasurer of Wichita County, according to provisions of the act of the Legislature of the State of Kansas, approved February 22, 1864, entitled "An Act to Provide for the Sale of School Land." An act amendatory there of the southeast one-fourth of the southeast quarter of section 36-20-36 for the sum of $320 containing forty acres. Dated June 16, 1919, this appears under the signature of Governor Henry J. Allen, countersigned by L. J. Pettijohn, Secretary of State, certifying that it is recorded in Volume 33, page 287, in the office of the Secretary of State in Topeka. It is also recorded in Wichita County in Volume 26, page 540.

The Lydia Methodist Church had its beginning with the German settlers meeting in schoolhouses in 1903; it was officially organized and chartered in May 1907. They started building their church, and on September 25, 1907, before it was finished, one of their members died. The cemetery was begun eighty rods west of the church, which stands in the southeast corner of the section. This lies along the Wichita-Kearny County line. Twenty-three people have been buried there, the first of whom was Mary Hartman, born September 25, 1893, and died September 25, 1907; the last was Grace Grusing, born October 17, 1904, and died December 10, 1967.

The board of trustees, who signed the document on August 6, 1919, were Elsworth Posey, Thomas Rewerts and John Grusing. Hugh Glenn was the register of deeds. It is recorded in Volume 30, page 287, in the county records.

Courtesy of ‘History Of Wichita County Kansas – Volume 1’. Compiled by John K. Glanville.

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