Pearl Cemetery

The southwest corner of the southwest quarter of section 32-17-38 is the location of Pearl Cemetery here in Wichita County.

Through the records we find that George W. Wineinger and wife deeded a tract of land 156 feet north and south by 306 feet east and west to the Pearl Cemetery Association on October 30, 1893, and it was recorded the same day.

The first burial there was that of Pearle E. Wineinger, the daughter of G. W. and L. A. Wineinger, who died October 27, 1891, at the age of one year, two months and eleven days. Our contention is that the cemetery was named for this little girl.

Trustees are mentioned but no names give. There are seven known graves in the cemetery, the last of which is the grave of August R. Brandner, born in 1871, and died 1942.

Courtesy of ‘History of Wichita County Kansas – Volume 1’. Compiled by John K. Glanville.

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